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Welcome to Leasehold Life, created from my experiences of having an absent freeholder, no managing agent and the best part of 20 years of sustained neglect to my home. I'm Sharon Crossland AIRPM and with 18 out of 22 flats sublet I also deal extensively with the PRS. Leasehold Life also contains specialist contributions by top industry professionals and summarised leasehold case law is provided by Barrister Jonathan Upton of Tanfield Chambers.

Senior executives working in the UK’s housing sector are to discover how they can ensure peak leadership fitness at a ground-breaking event featuring Olympic gold medallist, Sally Gunnell OBE.

The event is hosted by Awbery, a firm specialising in the creation and delivery of high-impact leadership and management development programmes, and will focus on its newest, innovative leadership development programme, Fit to Lead, and how this can help senior workers in the housing sector.


Leasehold Life is very proud to introduce not only a new guest contributor but a new  company, under80. who specialise in providing a tailored and bespoke service to leaseholders who have 80 years or less on their leases. Founded by Managing Director Colin Horton BSc (Hons), Peter Rudd AIRPM, and Head of Operations, breaks down what happens when this crucial point is reached.


Leasehold Life is very proud to publish this exclusive article from Mark Chick, property expert, specialist leasehold solicitor and a Partner at Bishop & Sewell LLP. He is also a Director of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, regularly writes and lectures on leasehold issues and has appeared on national television commenting on leasehold matters. The leaseholdinfo and the Leasehold Reform News websites are also written by Mark and here he addresses a lot of 'consumer concerns' arising when people want to buy a short lease flat and then need to serve notice.


Leasehold Life is very pleased to publish another article from Katie Cohen, Partner at Solicitors Child & Child (who was, at the time of writing, a Partner at JPC Law). This time Katie is focusing on acquiring the freehold from a bankrupt individual.


Leasehold Life is very pleased to publish a new article from Katie Cohen, Partner at Solicitors Child & Child. It focuses upon the terms of the new lease which has been modified during the course of the statutory lease extension and under  Section 57 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (“the Act”) states that a statutory lease extension is to be granted on terms as follows:


This is an age old question that comes up regularly in the months after a leasehold purchase, when managing agents/landlord’s chase arrears, complete the annual service charge accounts and issue deficit invoices. Leasehold Life is very pleased to introduce new guest contributor Chris Alexander to explain further. Chris is a property litigation solicitor at SA Law LLP and also writes the Leasehold Lawyer Blog.


Providing a succinct overview of the importance of Directors and Officers Liability insurance when working in this role, Leasehold Life is pleased to publish the following article by Laura Severn, Legal Executive and Operations Director at award-winning Brady Solicitors


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While this website is constantly checked and updated for accuracy, the information and articles provided by Leasehold Life and it's guest contributors are not to be construed as legal advice.


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